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Suitable for -Facility management | Security Management | Residentals Towers
Commecial Towers | Offices | schools etc..

Swap Your Paper Logbook for a Smart Visitor/ Reception Management System.
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Seculobby Visitor Management System UAE

SecuLobby is a leading web-based visitor management system which gives an intuitive sign-in experience with unmatched security. SecuLobby allows visitors to check-in digitally and eliminating the manic paperwork. The solution improves security by enabling organizations to identify exactly who is in their facilities while enhancing the professionalism of an organization by streamlining the visitor check-in, Check-Out process. Seculobby provides detailed analytics report and dash board view of visitors Parameters.


Key Features

Emirates ID Reader/Passport/Business Card/Data Capture.

Visitor Type Categorization & Tracking

Emergency Evacuation List

Automatic Notifications SMS/email

Contractors/Delivery Management

Badge printing./QR Code/Barcode features.

Access Control Integration and Reporting.

Self Registration Kiosks /Tab Apps.

Integration and Customization Features( Emirates ID reader/HD Camera/ANPR/3rd Party Applications etc.)

Highly Scalable-Suitable from a Single Counter to Multi-Location Organizations.

One Time License

Multi-Lingual English/Arabic Features.


How It works

From check-in to check-out, this picture demonstrates how the Seculobby guest management system operates.

1.Check In

At the check-in counter, visitors who have already created a visitor ID via pre-booked appointments can utilize their visitor ID to enter the visitor management system quickly, or they can create a visitor ID from the front desk lobby. The visitor check-in system speeds up the front desk staff's work and enhances verification by including visitor photos, visit purpose, categorisation, visit time duration alert and other alerts. The host or the host team member will be notified once the appointment has been made.

2.Host Confirmation

All notifications are sent to the host or members of the host team via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. As a result, the host immediately receives a message requesting confirmation. If the host grants permission for the visitors to enter, the visitor ID is generated at that time. If the host doesn't need a pre-verification message, the front desk verifies the host right away. The visitor management system, which also helps to keep track of the hosts' individual schedules, provides the host with visitor information.

3.Check Out

After the meeting is over, the visitor will go to the front office and read their Emirates ID with our visitor checkin system. This office's staff can ensure the visitor has a smooth checkout process. You can find out more about a visitor after scanning their Emirates ID. So it helps you to know who the visitor is and prevents unauthorized visitors. It is a simple and easy task to check out. Compared to the pen and paper method, the visitor management system uae provides high privacy to all users..



Dubai Municipality
Dubai Municipality is a major government agency in the emirate and we provide them with fully customized visitor management system software for its HQ and its branches.
Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab world and the most visited museum in the region. Data from visitors is collected using our gate pass management system and our visitor managementsystem..
DAMAC Towers
An investment-friendly hotel and residential complex like Damac Towers benefits from having a visitor management system integrated with access control and lift control system. Check-in by QR code is simplified and protects guest privacy through our VMS.
MOH – Erada Centre- Dubai
The Erada center is for treatment and rehabilitation, and many patients and visitors come there. With SecuLobby visitor management system, visitors can be tracked, their traffic monitored, and the organization has complete visitor information
Al ain Sportsplex – Tiny City
In Al Ain Sportsplex, we integrated a visitor management system to manage the flow of visitors and tickets.
Dubai Central Laboratory
All of Dubai municipality's laboratories are housed in the Dubai central laboratory. A visitor management system was installed to simplify the registration, processing, and management of data.


Types Of Visitor Registration

seculobby visitor walking register

Visitor walking Register

  • Register visitor on seculobby
  • Check in visitor
  • Get the access card/badge with QR code
  • Printer is optional

Optional Visitor Pre-Registration

  • Pre registration by host or visitor through web portal
  • Pre-registered visitor will receive acces QR code via email
  • Use QR code to open gate on phone or printed paper
  • Support multiple ACS vendors(Xplan,Nedap,Suprema etc)
seculobby providing best visitor walking register
seculobby types of visitor walking register

Access control with turnstiles

Turnstile helps your company improve access control solutions. It automatically counts the number of people who enter your organization and manages visitors effectively. Companies can collaborate with turnstiles using a variety of access control methods such as QR Code Showing Mobile, Tapping Access Card, Twist Mobile via HID M Access, and Emirates ID.

4 Ways To Use It

QR code in mobile In QR code showing in mobile is easy for using

QR Code Showing Mobile

access card taping taping of access card

Taping Access Card

twist mobile via HID M access twist mobile via HID M access

Twist Mobile Via HID M Access

emirates id reader emirates id reader for visitors

Emirates ID

ANPR Solution

To resolve all of your traffic issues, an ANPR solution is now necessary. This device captures a clear image of a vehicle and its registration plates and stores it in a database, providing an effective solution for vehicle surveillance. We use cutting-edge technology to create the best product possible. You can easily implement SecuLobby ANPR solutions in your organization with the latest technology and an effective product offered by the best provider of ANPR solutions in Dubai.

ALPR solution is essential for traffic issues
System work flow
  1. Step-1

    Car arrives at entrance

  2. step-2

    Entrance camera capture car image and recognize license plate number

  3. Step-3

    Barrier opens

  4. Step-4


  5. Step-5

    Car arrives at the exit

  6. Step-6

    Exit camera captures car image and recognize license plate number

  7. Step-7

    If driver over stay, the barrier will not open

  8. Step-8

    Barrier opens


Use a visitor management system to connect visitors and employees in a paperless and efficient manner. You can easily welcome all of your visitors in complete security and provide the best visitor experience possible. Our visitor management sysetm is a streamlined, integrated, and adaptable platform for all aspects of workplace management. It includes numerous features such as photo capture, automatic notification printing, and more.

Seulobby provides visitor management systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the UAE. Using Dubai's best visitor management system will replace all paper-based registrations. Visitors need only enter their personal information and enter the company. As a result, the VMS gives you complete control over your visitors while seamlessly integrating them into your organization.


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