IDs such as passports and ID cards for visitor management systems reading

Seclobby's Gate Pass Maagement System

Security officers and managers can manage visitors, supplies, and transportation more efficiently with our Gate Pass Management System. With this system, you can manage time, space, and movement for your bsiness areas from a single location. With unlimited pass creation, custom informationadding , quick ID scanning, instant department alerts, and time alerts, you can start managing traffic and supplies for your business immediately.


Gate pass management system is crucial in many industries to automate along with the human workforce to manage all the processes effectively. It manages the entry and exit of vehicles and employees. SecuLobby gate pass management system in Dubai, UAE helps to securely and efficiently manage the gate pass requirements of your organization. The Gate pass management system comes with a self-service kiosk to service all the visitors with an easy enrollment process. It is customizable and feature-rich software that digitalizes the entire process of vehicle or visitor movement in an organization. 

SecuLobby gate pass management system in Dubai, UAE is used to manage vehicles, employees, and visitors in an organization. Our gate pass management system in Dubai ensures security, convenience, and process automation. The system restricts the unauthorized movement of visitors to the organization. It helps in the easy enrollment process for a welcoming user experience. This system can be customized as per the requirements of the organization. An automated gate pass management system enhances security and professionalism, improves the efficiency of check-in, easy and quick reporting of data, and fetches visitor information instantly. With these advantages, the gate pass management system is in high demand across all organizations in Dubai, UAE.  




In all organizations or companies, a large number of movements take place every day at the gate level. All these movements need to be monitored and controlled. An automated gate pass management system enables an efficient security system, so you get a vigilant eye on the transportation of vehicles or transit of employees and visitors who have the access to the organization. 

Kiosks / Tab apps

There will be self-registration kiosks or tab apps for the gate pass management system.


When compared to the traditional system, the gate pass management system is much more accurate. So there will be no worry about wrong entries.


All visitors’ details can be easily accessed and so can be downloaded.


Our gate pass management system is highly customizable for various requirements.


Every time when a vehicle or visitors check in, a sms/email notification is sent to the host.


Our gates pass management system suits for all types of organization or offices. It can be customized to meet your needs.



Web-based counters ease the process of queues and get your job done within minutes. We have to stop doing the same traditional method for gate pass management in all organizations. It causes low security and we can’t track all the visitors and vehicles coming to the office. Managing visitors is always challenging for all organizations in Dubai, UAE. Having a proper gate pass management system is important to control guests entering your organization.

This will enhance the security of the guests and visitors to your office. We create a tailor-made gate pass management system that operates with all your customized features in helping the organizations tackle the entry of visitors. It is very important to maintain the confidentiality of the visitors to protect their privacy. There are many benefits of having a gate pass management system in Dubai, UAE. 

  • All the information is stored securely in the gate pass management system.
  • You can easily save time by using a gate pass management system. Seculobby gate pass management system takes only seconds to check the vehicle or the visitors. The entire check-in process takes only less time and minimizes human error
  • All the data remain safe and unshared with any other resource.
  • The gate pass management system reduces human error by giving the exact results.
  • In this gate pass management system, you can easily add features tailored to your organization's specific needs.


Our Clients

Working of Seculobby-Visitor management system
Working of Seculobby-Visitor management system
Working of Seculobby-Visitor management system
Working of Seculobby-Visitor management system
Working of Seculobby-Visitor management system



1Is gate pass management required??

Seculobby's Management System is designed to be used for visitor pass management, gate pass management, queue management system,vehicle management system etc. Our gate pass management will allow you to keep track of your organization's entry and exit of your goods, transports, and people so that you can efficiently manage your building space, traffic, time and double enhance your secuity. It is particularly crucial if you have a gate pass team in front of factory, apartment and warehouse entrances.

2 where can i use seculobby pass management system ?

Seculobby pass management system can be use to manage your organisational people, supplies ,vehicles movement . You can use seculobby infrot of your front desk team , for gate pass team, for invenetery management team and much more..

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