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Pre-visitor registrations

Reducing check-in wait times by letting visitors register and provide information before they arrive.

Multiple check-in options

Offer different ways for visitors to check in, such as a reception desk check in or an automated kiosk check in.

Check-in and check-out notifications

Monitor visitor movements in real-time by sending notifications to hosts and administrators.


Manage visitor data and interactions across multiple administrators or departments.

Overall automation of all tasks

Reduce manual efforts by automating check-in, badge printing, notifications, and data entry.

Multiple access control options

Enhance visitor and organization security and privacy by implementing different access levels.

Emergency evacuation list

Up-to-date visitor records will aid a swift and organized evacuation in emergency situations.

Manage different visitor categories

Make visitor management easier by categorizing visitors (e.g., contractors, clients, employees, deliveries).

Visitor self-registration

Make check-in easier with an easy-to-use interface, minimizing administrative overhead.

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Dive into a realm of extraordinary efficiency, ironclad data security, and unwavering support.

Instant function

We function right after basic installation and maintain efficiency all through, with no need for further configuration. Just install and done! And our check-ins and check-outs are near perfect.

Efficient data encryption

Every visitor's data is made safe and we do not compromise the privacy of anyone. No matter who you are we allow for zero tolerance when it comes to any unwanted hindrance in data.

Customer support

Any needed service or inquiry shall be sorted, and problems regarding the system is properly looked at. Any minor bug and system-based malfunction will be thoroughly addressed.

Visitor management made simple for UAE

Our visitor management system works efficiently all through the check-in and check-out process, without having to go through extra work on each problem.

We provide a pre-registration process and multiple check-in options so that visitor management becomes simple and hassle-free.

Visitors can either enter with a QR code or Emirates ID card or even a license card. We have dedicated readers stationed at the check-in and check-out posts.

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